About OREAL Ceramics

Oreal Ceramics (Fujian) Co., Ltd. was established in Fujian Province, China in There are a total of 9 production lines in China, with a daily output of 250.000 We came to Pakistan in April 2019 with the commitment of producing good and new design products, hoping to better serve Pakistani customers.

The company plans to invest 70 million USD in Pakistan, and three production lines have already started production.

Oreal Ceramics ensures the best service to our most valued customers, we are committed to providing differentiated products to meet the needs of our customers Our aim is the latest ideas, the best quality, the most timely service.

Designs to make you fall in love with !

OREAL Ceramics Tiles

CEO Message

Before coming to Pakistan, we have cooperated with many local importers for many years, which also made our factory well known before it was start production, which has provided us with great convenience to develop the market, for which we are very grateful We are full of confidence in the Pakistani market, we hope to make progress together with all our valued customers in this fast-developing market, and thank all our customers for their support

Our Mission

We have more than 30 years of experience in ceramic production, we know how products can be accepted by the market and we have witnessed the development and change of the ceramic industry. Coming to Pakistan, we hope to participate in the development of the building materials industry continuously improve the craftsmanship, and make unique products, so that they can better serve our local customers.